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Photography by Jesse Edgar

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Inside the Dunjee Highschool Gymnasium

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When I first arrived at the Dunjee Highschool in Spencer, Oklahoma I started my exploration at the gymnasium. I stuck my head inside the door at the rear of the building having no idea what to expect

I let out an audible gasp as I my eyes took in the sights and my brain tried to make sense of it all. What happened here? What can even cause all of this destruction and chaos?

After I got home and did the research it all started to make sense. Well... Kind of.

The gymnasium was closed down in 1972 and never used again. This means that the building has sat here for 47 years being neglected, vandalized, burned, weathered, and ultimately destroyed.


Why couldn't we have utilized this building for something greater than just becoming the safety hazard and eyesore that it has come to be today? Maybe a community center, a homeless shelter, a Veterans Association, a senior living center, or any number of things that could benefit the community?

It all comes down to money. The State wants to make their money. If it's not a financial incentive for them then it sits and it rots and the community suffers and the state as a whole suffers. They can blame asbestos, mold, or any number of things. But, the truth really boils down to the fact that this is invaluable shelter and opportunity for the awesome citizens and communities of our state and you can't put a price on that. There is a building like this in almost every town in the state of Oklahoma and the state shouldn't flinch at a bill to clean up that building if it means making Oklahoma a better place for its people.

Jesse Edgar

The Oklahoma Abandoned Project

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