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"specializing in the beautifully abandoned, neglected, and forgotten parts of Oklahoma."

Photography by Jesse Edgar

I decided last month that ONCE a month I would ask for donations to help fund the various trips, events and costs that it requires maintain the Oklahoma Abandoned Project and create unique and engaging content for you guys.

This post is that monthly post. 😊

I have dropped a lot of money on the project this last 30 days. Between the gas, food, lodging for the 900 mile 2 day panhandle road trip, paying for the venue, sound, flyers, and posters for the art show on the 20th, and the operating costs of the website, storage, and software for my photos I have racked up the bills.

Lets not even get into how much time I spend on it... 😬📷. If you would like to donate to the Oklahoma Abandoned Project then please visit the link in my profile or just message me.

If you are a local business and you are looking for a little exposure then you might be interested in sponsoring the art show on the 20th. Just shoot me a message and we can talk about it!

Or use Paypal at this link: