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"specializing in the beautifully abandoned, neglected, and forgotten parts of Oklahoma."

Photography by Jesse Edgar

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The Legend of Cogar, Oklahoma

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Since I found my passion for photography, Oklahoma history, and abandoned architecture I have met a lot of other photographers. Landscape photographers, Drone photographers, Urban Explorers, Paranormal researchers, and everything in between. Their styles differ in many ways but they all share one thing in common: They all have a passion for photography.


OH! And every single one of them have probably photographed the abandoned W.S. Kelly gas station and General Store in Cogar, Oklahoma.


I’ve seen it posted on Instagram about 1,500 times. I’ve seen it posted on Facebook probably 25,000 times, and when you google Cogar, Oklahoma it’s really the only thing that shows up. Every person that owns a classic car, a motorcycle, or just lives within a 20 mile radius has probably stopped and taken a few pictures here. Everyone has captured it in their own special way and that is what makes this little gas station so special.


Well, that and the fact that Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman once filmed a scene from the movie “Rain Man” here in 1988.


You see… Cogar, Oklahoma was put on the map in 1902 when they built their first official post office. Then it was taken off the map when the post office was shut down in 1952.


And that is it…


That is the story of Cogar, Oklahoma.


I couldn’t find any other information regarding the town. I couldn’t find any history. There wasn’t any info on the W.S. Kelly Gas Station and General Store. The town doesn’t participate in Census data and as far as I can tell there is a church and a few houses and the rest of Cogar is agricultural land. The story of Cogar, Oklahoma is a short one. Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman gave the town a small resurgence back to relevancy for a year or two but after that… crickets.


So, now I find myself here. Finally standing in front of the gas station that so many people have photographed before me. It’s time for me to put my spin on it and see how I fare. I arrived right at sunset. I tried to take advantage of the golden hour but the low light was a little difficult to work with. All in all I was happy with the results though and I am glad that I finally got to experience the legend of Cogar, Oklahoma. #EXITtheINTERSTATE

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