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Photography by Jesse Edgar

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Inside the Dunjee High School Building 3

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The Abandoned Dunjee High School Building 3

The Dunjee High School in Spencer, Oklahoma was a big place. It took me probably 3 hours total to make my way around it all. Taking photos and marveling at the unbelievable destruction and neglect that had taken place here.

I actually had to go back for a second time as I ran out of daylight the first time I visited the place. I wasn't trying to be hanging out around here at night.

The third building seemed to not be affected by the fire, unlike the 2nd building and the Gymnasium. The building itself seems a bit newer than the 2nd building. It was made with tradition brick rather than the stone work of the 2nd building.

Don't let that give you false hope though.

This building is completely destroyed. All of the windows are busted out. Vandals have wrecked the place. It's been gutted and torn to shreds. Spray paint lines the walls. Both impressive works of art and uninspired juvenile writings.

Walking through this building felt like I was walking through history. I couldn't help but walk through the hallways and picture what it looked like between classes. Kids goofing off while other rushed down the halls to make it to their next class on time. I ventured through the classrooms picturing them filled with desks and chairs. Students in those chairs either eager to learn or eagerly awaiting that clock on the wall to trigger the bell so they can leave.

There are too many of our Oklahoma Schools that are now like this. Abandoned, Neglected, and discarded. Not given anymore thought. Wasting away just to become a safety hazard to the children in the community. The children it once helped grow, educate, and inspire.

Jesse Edgar

The Oklahoma Abandoned Project

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